Submission for *CAHO 3M CSSD Awards & CAHO Healthcare Awards powered by QIMPRO* is Closed

About Us

Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (CAHO), an association of all accredited hospitals and laboratories has embarked on a mission of quality promotion across the country. Towards its journey in improving quality and safety of healthcare services, CAHO organises an annual event CAHOCON in collaboration with all stakeholders.

After the resounding success of CAHOCON 2018- Chennai, the theme of CAHOCON 2019 "Healthcare Quality Should Impact Outcome" will ensure the ongoing engagement of healthcare industry towards establishing innovative pathways in achieving stronger foothold in the Quality journey.

CAHOCON 2019 aims to share the best practices developed and implemented by healthcare organizations nationally & internationally. The multi-faceted panel of eminent National and International speakers will be deliberating on the theme's relevance in today's healthcare industry during these 2 days.

Pre Conference Workshops and Master classes on the topics and issues that beleaguer the healthcare delivery system, yet relevant for its qualitative improvement, will be organised on 12th April, 2019 in our partnering Mumbai hospitals. The collaboration of participating hospitals has facilitated the implementation of various projects which will be showcased.

Various research presentations, poster presentations, debates and panel discussions will be the highlight and not to mention the Quality Awards, the limelight & show- stopper of the event ! We are launching CAHO Healthcare Award for process excellence powered by QIMPRO and CAHO- 3M CSSD Award.

First time CAHO will have a "MEGA - INDUSTRY EXPO" expanding over 8000 sq.ft, exclusively for 2 days including inauguration of newer machines and products.

Welcome to 5th International Conference of Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations CAHOCON 2019 @ Mumbai on 13th & 14th April, 2019 at Sahara Star Hotel.